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Blogger Bazaar

Looking for something to do this Sunday? Well do I have some good news for you. This Sunday, August 18th, you are invited to shop the closets of Toronto’s Fashion Bloggers! The Blogger Bazaar, presented by Aime, is your chance to get your hands on some pre-loved gems. Yesterday, The Backseat Stylers, gave us a sneak peak [via Instagram] of what they will have to offer at the event, and boy does it look good! Did I see Hermes, Alexander McQueen, annnnnd Balenciaga?

This is one special event that you aren’t going to want to miss ladies. Free up those schedules, and I’ll see you there! Xo

This morning 

This morning 

Meet DKNY Resort 14. For me, it was love at first sight xo

Meet DKNY Resort 14. For me, it was love at first sight xo

Digging the floral lately

Digging the floral lately

For the past couple of months Beyonce has been teasing us with bits from her upcoming album. Finalllllly today we can listen to one full song Enter, ‘Grown Woman’. I’ve listened to it well over five times [at least] by now. I’m loving the tribal beats. Let me know what you guys think! Xo

In love with my new beautiful Smythe blouse

In love with my new beautiful Smythe blouse

Wang for Balenciaga


Wang has given us a teaser of his first campaign for Balenciaga as their creative director. This imagine, shot by fashion photographer, Steven Klein, for the Fall/Winter 2013 campaign comes off as very deep and emotional. Wang wanted the campaign to be “cinematic” and he said that model, Kristen McMenamy’s face is hidden so all attention is focused on the details in the clothing. 

I’ve got to say; I like what I am seeing here. The entire print campaign is due to hit magazines in June, and I am very interested to see what else is to come. Xo

Boyfriend Jeans + A Tee






Tee Apt 606 |Jeans Paige Denim | Necklace Love of Mine | Booties Steve Madden

The best way to stay comfortable this Spring? Boyfriend jeans. I could live in this pair from Paige Denim, that’s how comfortable they are. Pair them with a graphic tee [I love how busy this one from Apt 606 is] and some accessories and you are good to go. Invest in a distressed pair and cuff them at the bottom to show off a little extra skin for Spring and Summer. Xo

Starting my Thursday afternoon off by watching Beyoncé as Mrs. Carter in H&M. We’ve all seen the print ads, now it’s time for the video in which Queen Bey sings her new song, ‘Standing On The Sun’. I’m going to say what you’re all thinking right now… what. a. goddess. And, well I guess now seems like an appropriate time to get working on that beach bod.

Looking good as always Bey Xo

Garter Tee vs. Ms Hyde

Way back in December, 10th Tribe revealed to the world their most recent creation, The Garter Tee. Hearts swooned over this piece [for good reason], and they even brought it back a second time around for those who missed out the first. Well, the company has now added a twist to their first design and is introducing to us, Ms Hyde [available for pre-order now]. This time around there are no sleeves, and the piece has a little more of a looser fit. Muscle tee on top, and garter detail on bottom. Or as I like to say; business on the top, party on the bottom.

I’m welcoming Ms Hyde with open arms. Bravo on yet another great design 10th Tribe. Xo

Hey there ‘handsome girl’!

If you have the slightest interest in fashion and reside in Toronto, chances are that you have heard of [or are obsessed with] the brand Chloé Comme Parris. Unless you live under a rock of course. Sister duo, Chloé and Parris Gordon, are the brains behind this downtown grunge clothing line, that was talked about for days before it’s most recent show at Toronto Fashion Week. Pairing patterned sheer thigh-high tights with oversized knits and velvet dresses made them an instant crowd favourite at the shows. Throw in a couple of leather pieces and we were all dying to get our hands on a piece [or ten]. 

Although the clothing has been nothing but a hit, the name ‘Chloé Comme Parris’ just wasn’t doing it for the two girls. As they begin to prepare for international growth, the Chloé and Parris wanted to change the brand’s name to focus more on their customers, and less on themselves. Enter, Beaufille. This new name loosely translates to, ‘handsome girl’ [Fashion Magazine]. I couldn’t think of a more perfect fit for this androgynous clothing line. 

Congrats on the name change ladies. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next! Xo 

Kate Bosworth + Topshop

Ever since she sang in their Holiday film, Kate Bosworth has been high on Topshop’s radar. In the past four months she has been to numerous store openings and runway shows for the massive British retailer. Rumours began circulating several weeks ago that there may be a collaboration in the works, but Kate hinted towards something a little different while at Coachella this past weekend. While sporting a matching tank and micro short combo, Kate told style.com that she had in fact helped Topshop design the set for their not-yet-released Festival Collection. 

Not only is there a festival collection in the works for the multinational retailer, but a ‘multi-media evolution’ Festival Project. How exciting is that? Festival season always makes everyone happy, so it only seemed fitting that in the past couple of years companies have been coming out with festival collections. But, a whole project? THIS is going to be good. Especially if music-fan Kate Bosworth is helping out.

Kate has been to her fair share of music festivals [she has said she lost count of how many times she has been to Coachella], and knows it’s all about practicality and comfortable footwear. This should mean promising things for us! She says that while they were designing the Topshop Festival Collection they “thought a lot about the California girl”, so I can only imagine some of the tricks that they have up their sleeve. 

Can’t wait to find out! Xo

Seeking Love. Finding Overalls.

Not too sure what your Monday night consisted of, but mine had one purpose, and one purpose only. That was to place a long anticipated pre-order for a book written by one very talented young woman and blogger, Leandra Medine. Most of you probably know her as ‘The Man Repeller’. The down-to-earth and hilarious woman who can make a pair of overalls look like gold. Medine has given hope to so many women since she began her blog and gives many the courage and confidence to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. She teaches us all to ‘embrace a world made for women, by women’. In other words, if you want to go out one day wearing drop-crotch pants and an oversized plaid shirt layered with piles of necklaces, by all means, please do. Nothing would be encouraged more. 

Her book ‘Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls’, will be released on the 10th of September and you can pre-order it, as of yesterday, here! Go go go! Xo

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

I cannot explain to all of you just how excited I am for this to premiere. I got goosebumps by simply watching the trailer. Bergdorf’s is such a magical place, you would be crazy to not want to see this. Xo

Happy Thursday!

Spring weather is one of my favourites. Sunshine, fresh air, and layers upon layers. This Thursday was a good one, so I layered an Alexander Wang long sleeve with a fur vest, and then threw on a pair of dark wash J Brand jeans. Add some jewelry, including my HRH bracelet [find similar here], and I was good to go. As long as the sunshine stays, I’m happy xo