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Kate Bosworth + Topshop

Ever since she sang in their Holiday film, Kate Bosworth has been high on Topshop’s radar. In the past four months she has been to numerous store openings and runway shows for the massive British retailer. Rumours began circulating several weeks ago that there may be a collaboration in the works, but Kate hinted towards something a little different while at Coachella this past weekend. While sporting a matching tank and micro short combo, Kate told style.com that she had in fact helped Topshop design the set for their not-yet-released Festival Collection. 

Not only is there a festival collection in the works for the multinational retailer, but a ‘multi-media evolution’ Festival Project. How exciting is that? Festival season always makes everyone happy, so it only seemed fitting that in the past couple of years companies have been coming out with festival collections. But, a whole project? THIS is going to be good. Especially if music-fan Kate Bosworth is helping out.

Kate has been to her fair share of music festivals [she has said she lost count of how many times she has been to Coachella], and knows it’s all about practicality and comfortable footwear. This should mean promising things for us! She says that while they were designing the Topshop Festival Collection they “thought a lot about the California girl”, so I can only imagine some of the tricks that they have up their sleeve. 

Can’t wait to find out! Xo

MK - We Love You!

Coachella Coachella Coachella Coachella

This is the one word I have heard allll week long, and for good reason. Coachella has released their line up for this year’s festival and oh boy is it a good one! This year the festival is going to run two separate weekends. The first one will be April 13-15th, and the second one will be April 20-22nd. If you can go either of these weekends, please do. It will be one of the best weekends of your entire year, hands down. (A little hint for you: tickets go on sale this Friday, so make your decision quickly!)

Since there has been so much hype about this festival all week, designer Michael Kors decided to find a way to get involved. This resulted in him posting a miniature collection inspired by Coachella 2012. Such a smart idea. For girls, wardrobe is always a very huge deal, no matter what event you are going to, and for Coachella, many girls like to channel their inner hippie. It’s a perfect look for the festival. 

Check out the couple of items Michael Kors came up with to add to your wardrobe for this amazing festival. Coachella, here you come! 

Caicos Sunglasses (Yellow or Fuchsia) $99
Pave Bar Bracelet $145
Pleated Skirt $113 
Charlton Crossbody Bag $138
Jersey Gladiator Sandal $350 

Those sunglasses are to-die-for. I need the fuchsia ones, pretty please!