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Lust of the Week: Gentle Fawn Bag

When I look at this backpack many great things come to mind such as; summer music festivals, beach days, hiking, and camping trips. A few of my favourite summer things. With these things in mind, how could I not love this bag? This Sante Fe Bag is by Gentle Fawn, and I discovered it while browsing on Thread Sence. I actually discovered both this bag, and this shopping site at the same time. Two birds with one stone! I can definitely see Thread Sence becoming a new favourite for online shopping.

Back to the bag though.. the beautiful cognac bucket bag that looks like it is made of the smoothest material around. I love that it has a pull-tie closure, none of that tricky zipper business, and it has one adjustable shoulder strap. The silver finishings on the front of the bag add the perfect little something to make this bag a great accessory for summer!