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Dannijo x SoulCycle

Here’s some good Wednesday morning inspiration for you guys! I love how the girls at Dannijo teamed up with a fitness group - such a different, but great, idea. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely want to own every piece of jewelry that was shown in this video [and not to mention, the model’s body]. xo

Lion Safari

As it does for most people, my style is always a reflection of my mood. I’m not saying that when I’m sad I’ll go to an extreme and deck myself out in all black everything; I just mean that if I’m feeling really feminine, I’ll throw on a skirt, orrrr if I’m feeling relaxed and in a chill mood; out come the shorts and tank. You catching my drift?

Alright, well, this one fine summer day I was in one of those “it’s too hot outside to wear anything AT ALL" moods [I’m sure you are all familiar with this one], sooo I threw on my trusty DIY studded shorts, a nice comfortable tank from Decent Urban Rails, my Cambridge satchel, and two fairly well attended arm parties. 

Now, you’re probably all scratching your heads and wondering “What is this Decent Urban Rails company you speaks of?” welllll, let me tell you! Decent Urban Rails, or Du Rails for short, is a lifestyle company. One that creates rails, sponsors events, teams, and bands, and makes clothing.. like this Lion Safari tank I’m wearing here! Pretty cool hey? Du Rails makes some pretty great clothing, for all ages. I would recommend heading on over to their site to check it out when you get the chance.


Arm parties, studs, and neon colours. My summer in a nutshell. 

Arm parties, studs, and neon colours.
My summer in a nutshell. 

Thursday’s outfit of the day. Skull shirt with a vintage button up.

Thursday’s outfit of the day. Skull shirt with a vintage button up.

Thursday arm candy

Thursday arm candy

The Waiting Game Begins…

Going through my jewelry the other day I realized I don’t own near enough bracelets and that it was time to change that. This explains the order I just placed on InPink for two awesome bracelets. The majority of InPink jewelry isn’t really my style, it’s too glitzy, but these two bracelets I found were diamonds in the rough. 

The first is a silver and gold metal bracelet that wraps around your arm two or three times. I love this one because it looks as though you are wearing more than one bracelet. 

The second bracelet I purchased is one that buttons up and has beads hanging from it to create a fringe effect. So sick! 

Can’t wait for them to come in the mail, hopefully they’ll be here sooner rather than later. Arm party here I come!