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Golden Globe Awards

My favourite dresses (and tuxedo) from this year’s Golden Globes. 

One trend that kept reappearing on the red carpet was accentuated waistlines. The majority of the dresses had waistbands, whether they were thick or thin, embellished or plain, they were everywhere! I loved this bit of detailing as it made the ladies look that much more stunning. Emma Stone pulled off this look very well with a black belt. I’m sure the dress would have looked good with or without the belt, but it was a great accessory to add to her ensemble. 

All of the men on the red carpet looked very classy, but Matthew Morrison was the one who stood out the most to me. He looked so laid back and his suit was gorgeous. Props to him! 

 Kate Beckinsale & Jessica Alba

Elle Macpherson & Viola Davis

Emma Stone & Matthew Morrison

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