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Tick Tock

28 days.

The amount of time we have to wait for Karl Lagefeld’s debut watch collection to launch. 28 days. When you think about it, it doesn’t seem like tooooo long of a time. But, then you get a sneak peek of the collection, and all of the sudden 28 days feels like a lifetime. If you haven’t already gotten a glimpse of the collection, just wait [for thirty more seconds], you’re going to go crazy for it. Textured leather and matte black hardware, paired with zipper and chain detailing. It’s enough to drive you crazy. Crazy in love that is.

Karl Lagerfeld sure hit this one right on the head. The collection is so sleek, you can already tell these watches will be sold out as soon as they hit the shelves. Although, would did we really expect anything less from this fashion guru? Absolutely not. 

So here you go ladies & gents. Take a look at this to-die-for collection. 

What gets me excited for this launch is that Karl has decided to get YOU all involved with it. For the next month or so, everyone has the chance to win! Whether it’s a weekly prize of one of the watches from the line [yes, please], a daily prize of a Karl Lagerfeld tote [send it on over!], or one grand prize accessory pack including sunglasses and THREE of the watches [WHERE do I sign up?]. All you have to do is play, tweet, or post. My advice… download the ‘Watch Karl' app for your smart phone for more chances to win. OR simply play online by entering the World of Karl here

See you all on the playing fields xo